Ezycash™ Prepaid Card Program Fees (Subject to Change)
Fee Description
ATM Withdrawal
ATM withdrawal or cash advance obtained
POS Purchase
Transaction processed against Cardholder balance at Point of Sale (POS) terminal
Transaction Fee - Online
Any transaction (successful or decline) processed against Cardholder balance
Balance Inquiry - Online
Obtaining card balance via Cardholders Ezyaccount
Balance Inquiry - SMS
Obtaining card balance via SMS text message
Balance Inquiry - IVR
Obtaining card balance via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Balance Inquiry - Live Agent
Obtaining card balance via Customer Service members
Transaction Inquiry - Online
Obtaining transaction history via Cardholders Ezyaccount
Transaction Inquiry - SMS
Obtaining transaction history via SMS
Transaction Inquiry - IVR
Obtaining transaction history via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Transaction Inquiry - Live Agent
Obtaining transaction history via Customer Service members
IVR Per Incident
Any service via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Live Agent Per Incident
Any service via Customer Service members
Close Account
Closing Cardholder account
Replacement Card Fee (plus postage)
Replace a lost or stolen card and courier to the Cardholder
PIN Reset - Live Agent
Reset card PIN via Customer Service members
Monthly Maintenance
Monthly fee charged to Cardholder balance for maintenance of account
Inactivity Fee
(after 90 days) Monthly fee charged against unused monetary value each month the card remains inactive after the expiry date
Refund Processing Fee
Processing any unused monetary value upon expiration of the card
Chargeback Fee
When cardholders generate a dispute but the merchant did not make an error
Credit and/or Debit Adjustments/Disbursements
Adjustments processed against Cardholder balance
FX Currency Conversion Rate
If cardholder uses account to make a transaction in foreign currency, we will convert it into the currency at the exchange rate set by MasterCard® International Inc. in effect at the time we post the transaction to your account
Minimum Card Load
Maximum Card Load
Maximum Monthly Card Balance
Maximum Daily ATM Withdrawal
Maximum Daily Point of Sale (POS) Purchase
Maximum Number of Daily Loads
Maximum Number of Daily POS Purchases
Maximum Number of Daily ATM Withdrawals